In the second post of our Buyer Journey Series, we walk you through what happens with viewing and making an offer. Click here to read The buying journey part 1: Registering with us.

Booking a viewing

If a property catches your eye – book a viewing! At William Theakston we accompany all our viewings so that on the day, we can answer any questions you might have about the property, transport links, local schools, or anything else you think of.

Us being there also helps us to reaffirm anything we discussed when you registered with us to make sure we have all of your property likes, dislikes, and priorities completely right.

Falling in love with a property that’s not practical is completely understandable, and very easy to do (trust us!). In our first blog post, one of our suggestions was writing a list of things you want from a property – if you’re worried that you might get carried away – take this list with you to viewings. Having it in front of you will help you to ask us direct questions which you might forget in the excitement of a viewing.

I love the property, I can see myself living here – what now?

If you’ve made the huge decision to move forward with purchasing a property, let us know quickly – whether at the viewing, or as soon as possible afterwards. Homes are in high demand, and you might not be the only person who’s interested.

Assuming you will be making an offer, we will then ask you to show us any financial qualification you already have whether it be mortgage or cash, we’ll ask you the possible timescale you are looking to move by again, and also check as to whether you already have a solicitor/ conveyance instructed – if you don’t, we have people we can recommend to you.

We like to put offers forward to our vendors with as much information as possible regarding their prospective buyers in order for them to make a decision more easily and quickly.

We will then confirm in writing any offer you put forward to our vendors, and will send you a copy as well.

Something that first time buyers often don’t know, is that until we have confirmation of your solicitors and mortgage – the property will remain on the market. Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean you will lose the property, it just means that we will continue to take the names and addresses of anyone else interested in the property, in case anything does go wrong at this stage.

The key to this stage is communication, communication, communication! So please do make sure we have the best way of contacting you, in case we need to ask you any more questions or confirm anything with you.

Our next post will be about what happens once your offer has been accepted.